23 Oct

Tonight I seem to have the Eva Cassidy tune “Who Knows Where the Time Goes” in my head and it is so fitting! I keep wanting to find quality writing time but it is just not making itself apparent.  (I am like 400 days behind on the October photo challenge and I haven’t even told you about the FDA spanish soap operas yet!)

Tonight at yoga class we had a SUPER enlightening chat on some of the classical teachings about what we now know as the “yoga lifestyle”.  This one stuck with me…

…Eat foods that nourish.  Practice good hygiene.  Live in a clean space.  Meditate to clean the mind.  Read to nourish it.

AKA, get your act together and don’t be a sea cucumber.  Struggling big time with this! I’m not doing the best job with the eating, “clean space” describes the house less and less each day, I definitely need to set aside more quiet thinking time, and I’m in a major reading slump.  Boo! Although I do manage to both shower and put on deodorant most days, so I like to think at the very least I’m succeeding in the hygiene aspect of this.  GO SARAH!

Nevertheless, I’m slapping a smile on my face and barreling bravely into another week.  Make it a good one, friends!

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