Summer Photo Dump

5 Sep

Thank you SO much for the baby love!🙂 I have much to share but wanted to quick dump some photos from our recent travels… obviously I needed to explain the big old tumm-a-lumm first! We just got back from a lake trip with my family (lakes… not as lame as they sound!) and some Jersey time with Jeff’s family.  After a crazy summer I’m feeling a little more recharged after having spent a week and a half off the radar.  Very lucky.

Gracie at the helm… is my sister hot or what? I told her she looked like a Bond girl here…

Have I introduced you to my family’s goofball lab Bruce? Bruuuuce!

Doggie butts…

I should get a girl scout patch or something for jumping in nasty lake water… very happy I seem to have come out parasite free! It was just too tempting to resist…

Preggies can have fun too!

Aww the fam… PRECIOUS

Meanwhile, a little further south…

Omg more gratuitous beach belly pictures forgive me….

One Response to “Summer Photo Dump”

  1. mrobs717 September 10, 2012 at 10:19 pm #

    aaah I LOVED the fam vacay pics :)!!

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