I like to think of this as a mom blog with benefits. We reject niches and do it all here— the snarky, the sentimental, the hilarity of the everyday. Always fun, never lame, may contain traces of tree nuts.

I started this blog in 2011, mostly to tell stories of newlywed life, our adopted beagle pup, and funny anecdotes from my commutes on the DC metro.  Since then we’ve moved from the city to the Mid Atlantic burbs and added two little humans to our menagerie, known here by the respective call signs* Frogson and Frogette.

I embrace tangents, caps lock, run on sentences, and run on sentences in caps lock.  I reject the boring, the trite, and anything written on a chalkboard sign.  Keep your Pinterest tomfoolery out of here.  Otherwise, join me.  Fresh snark on a weeklyish basis.

*Haven’t you nitwits seen Top Gun? This means these aren’t their real names. People have actually thought I named my kids this.