We are officially full term, Frogson. Way.  To.  Go. I am fiercely, immensely, unbelievably grateful for this milestone.  And so proud of you, most of all.   8 months and 1 week ago, this seemed an impossible place for us to get to.  And here we are! Unbelievable.  Grateful, grateful, grateful.  Merry Christmas, sweet pea.  

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Meh I’ll take a picture for next time.  SORRS.  It really is pointless because I could take it, but then by press time I’d be like 4 pounds bigger.  The third trimester tummy is some serious stuff, folks.  The one observation I will make here is that you really never realize how many objects you… Continue reading 36.5



Sigh.  First, they took away my booze and my turkey sandwiches and even my debilitating meth habit.  Now I must also add Yoga inversions to that list.  (Bend it Like Becker PSA: 34 weeks is the point wherein it becomes too much of a risk of flipping baby into breech.  Can’t have any of that. … Continue reading 34



Dear Frogson, Holy moly dude you are huge.  Like, overnight.  I swear I woke up one day this week and I was carrying James Gandolfini.  Now when you move, I will feel fists down at the bottom of my pelvis and little feet all the way up at my ribs.  WTF, since when are you… Continue reading 33



I apologize for this photo.  I swear (I swear) I wasn’t trying to be all dramatic-zen-mother-gently-gazing-at-womb, it’s just that I looked busted this morning so was feeling face-shy.  I freaking hate the winter months.  My complexion is the color of paint primer. Shiste be getting real around here, SON.  You are due in less than… Continue reading 32



Technically this was 24 hours after my usual weekly cell phone photo shoot (immediate loss of all pregnant blogger street cred), but if I hadn’t showered since then it should still count right? Currently reading the La Leche League’s epic tome The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, which tells me that pregnant women should think of… Continue reading 29