Meet the Frogs

I do not post my kids’ real names or faces on this blog. You’ll just have to picture two adorable little cherubs who only occasionally exhibit signs of demonic possession.

Frogson is a preschool dude.  Frog Baby was his name in utero because he looked like a perfectly silhouetted frog in his 8-week ultrasound.  Then we called him Frog Son when we found out he was a boy, which then became Frogson (like you’d pronounce Johnson).  When he was born I retained the nickname for the blog.


Frogette is a toddler lady.  Hobbies: Elmo, yogurt, belligerence.


This is our fur son, Chooch. An adopted beagle with a diverse and urbane range of interests, including food, pursuit of food, food, also food, making food out of nonfood, naps, and obesity.